Chess Fitness is a philosophy designed to promote a methodical approach towards health and fitness. By using training methods that are not only strategic, but encompass calculations for every aspect of your physiology.

Jennifer Paolucci, the Movement Maven, and owner of Chess Fitness, examines every angle of life to promote the highest level of performance.. of any kind.

Who I work with

Professional Athletes

  • Rehab Specialist
  • Speed and explosiveness, core strength, flexibility, injury prevention
  • Balancing lifestyle and nutrition to support elite performance

Body Composition Changes

  • Fine tuning workouts to effectively burn fat and tone muscle
  • Discover the ideal nutritional makeup to support individual goals
  • Learn proper form to get more out of a workout and strengthen mind-body communication

Chronic Health Conditions

  • Out of the box solutions to heal unresolved health issues
  • Relief from chronic physical injuries that have often been misdiagnosed and/or mistreated by professionals
  • Modalities include nutrition alterations, essential oils, and guidance in prioritizing a health focus


I want to extend this greeting and say I truly appreciate the fortitude it takes to seek out, dissect, analyze, and then employ information in the venture of improving your well-being or athletic performance. There is certainly an abundance of literature out there for you to learn about biomechanics, nutrition, and many other areas of health and fitness. Nonetheless, that information is nothing more than words until you can experience it for yourself. I am so excited that you want to know more. You are giving yourself the greatest gift of all, experience.

I like thinking of experiences like tools in a tool box. Given that I have dedicated my life to experiencing, I have made it my goal to stock up on tools; tools for my own provisions, and now I would like to offer them to you. My repertoire is not only filled with a surplus of insight from personal exploration, but valuable practice from over 15 years of training. I must assert that although I am offering you an opportunity to learn from my guidance; it is up to you put it into practice.

I would like to close my greeting by emphasizing the value of having an open mind. As one of my favorite sayings goes, “An extended hand is only effective if it is open.”Jennifer began participating in sports as soon as she could walk. Not only was she extremely active, but she quickly discovered a competitive surge running through her veins. She began with friendly foot races in preschool, and worked her way through many team and individual sports. Her favorites were soccer, basketball, track, softball and tennis. Most recently, she found a place in the sport of bodybuilding in the figure division. Jennifer discovered work ethic, discipline, respect, and responsibility in the athletic arena. In fact, she learned more about the human body through her own experiences than any book or class could have taught her. She thrived on challenging not only her body but her mind as well. In addition, she became quite intrigued with the human body, psychology of sport, muscular anatomy, and environmental adaptation. To say the least, the passion she has developed for health and fitness is deeply rooted.

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    There are many things that I still see people doing, or eating, or using that quite frankly shock me. I feel these particular items should be encapsulated in a museum of “Modern Advances and other ridiculous ideas that Ruined our Health.” And although my stomach does a little half twist into a double somersault when I see people using these things or shoving them in their gullets, I have come to realize that some people just don’t know. But yet, I know that some of you do know. I know that some of you have either read or heard of the consequences of said items, but why you still choose


Jenn and I really connect, because her passion to help athletes is the same passion I have when it comes to football. She will do everything in her power to make sure the athlete is reaching their full potential. There are plenty of trainers out there, and I've tried a few of them, but I've found Jenn to be the most passionate and effective for me. I am excited to begin my professional career in the NFL, and I know that working with Jenn the sky is the limit.

Joshua Shaw
CB Cincinnati Bengals

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